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In 2004 I purchased my dream car. A fully restored 1934 Ford Roadster. I had restored several cars in the past but wanted to buy this one ready to drive.

In 2007, I was clipped in the rear of the car by a young, likely impaired, driver and sent sideways into the ditch. I thankfully was unhurt but the ’34 did not have such luck.

When an accident happens we have two choices. One is to moan and groan about the situation, the other is to view it as a gift. In this case, after a considerable amount of the first, I chose to go with option two.

While this car was good, being an antique purist, I knew there were things about her that were not quite right. When she was hit, it was my opportunity to make her the best. Everywhere, down to the last detail. So began the journey to restore her to her original glory. Though she was amazing to start with, I know she will be outstanding when we are done.

I invite you to join me over at The Build page, where I chronicle in words and photographs the rebuilding of a classic car!

Steve Staysko